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This is the section of the site where all the biker related information can be found.

Guestbook : So you can all air your views on events, biking, clothing, etc., you can upload pictures, place adverts, talk to other bikers....I'll try not to moderate it too much but I may have to draw the line somewhere - we will see....

Biker Friendly : The section telling us all where we can go and expect a warm welcome fromm the management and customers - if you know different let us know using the guestbook - if you know of others please send the information using the Contact Us from.

 Bikers Directory : This should become a comprehensive list of companies with links to bikers and their machines, sent to me for inclusion using the Contact Us form.

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Name Telephone Website
Carol Nash 0800 804 7952 www.carolenash.com
Footman James 0843 357 1975 www.footmanjames.co.uk


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