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Hydro-Dipping, also known as Water Transfer Printing, Hydro Graphic Printing, 3D Printing and Carbon Dipping amongst other names is the process of Transferring a pattern, be it wood, carbon fibre, camouflage, flames or one of literally thousands of designer patterns from a piece of PVA printed media onto the surface of an object by means of an ink transfer process.


In brief, a pattern is floated on water and sprayed with an industy designed activator to liquify it. As the object is immersed in the pattern coverred water, the infill of water literally wraps the pattern around the object. Areas of use include the customisation of frames, wheels, mudguards, fairings, wing mirrors, plastic or metal panels, crash helmets, and pretty much anything with a hard surface that can be dipped in water. The list of applications is endless and also includes items from mobile phone cases up to household furniture with most things in between.


If it can be painted - then it can be dipped......

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